Quilting Stand Round

162.35лв.194.20лв. Incl VAT

  • The universal stand for embroidery  is made of ecologically clean wood of a beech.
  • The surface is qualitatively ground.
  • Fine polished and outside lacquered.
  • The angle is adjustable.
  • Robust construction.
  • Height approximately 29.53 inches (75 cm).
  • Different diameters: 15.75 inches (40 cm), 17.72 inches (45 cm), 19.69 inches (50 cm) and 23.62 inches (60 cm).
  • The Legendary brand KLASS & GESSMANN is over 140 years’ experience in the embroidery field. The line of fine embroidery equipment and tools are known for their exceptionally smooth finish with eased edges. These hoops, stands, and frames are beautiful, sleek and they are with the highest quality on the market.