New HELLO Amigurumi Set – HAS01

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In this set prepared with HELLO cotton yarn,

“Amigurumi Friends” book and the book from one another beautiful toys of the materials needed for knitting is available. When you buy this set, you can make amigurumi using only the materials included in the set, without the need for any external materials. With the amount of yarn in the set, some of the models in the book can be knitted easily.


One safe eye is included in the set. If you wish, you can also process the baby’s eyes using DMC Muline instead of the safe eye. Amigurumi Toy Collection is a new amigurumi book published by Tuva Publishing. In addition, amigurumi making is taught visually and in writing with the techniques in the first part of the book. This set is also suitable for people who have never done amigurumi before.


About HELLO Cotton Yarns:

HELLO is a 100% cotton mercerized yarn. Available in 60 colors. It offers two different options as 50 gr and 25 gr. It can be used in crochet, knitting and punch embroidery projects. HELLO cotton threads have the Oeko-Tex Startdart 100 certificate , which certifies that no harmful substances are used in the thread. It is 100% Turkish Made and domestic production.


What can I do with HELLO?

If you are going to crochet, you can choose a crochet crochet between the numbers 2.5-3.5. In knitting, number 3 needles can be used. With HELLO, you can knit amigurumi toys, baby blankets, pillows, accessories, crochet motifs, summer dresses, shawls, cardigans and baby clothes. For knitting, the most preferred baby cardigans and clothes are.

  • Product features


    3 Pieces of 50 gr. HELLO Cotton Yarn

    16 pieces of 25 gr. HELLO Cotton Yarn

    1 Piece Amigurumi Toy Collection

    1 Piece DMC  Metal Box

    1 Hank Black DMC Muline Yarn

    1 Piece Silicone Handle Crochet

    1 Pair of Safe Eyes

    1 Piece Loop Holder

    1 Piece DMC Blunt Tip Needle

    1 Piece DMC embroidery needle Package

    1 pack of 40 gr. Fiber

    6 Piece Cotton Patchwork Fabric  – imported high-quality 100% cotton and has a product assortment consisting of a collection of different brands)
    ( NOTE: different patterns from photos s can come fabrics.)


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