Macrame Cotton 3 mm

4.99лв. Incl VAT

The Makrame 3 cotton is a tight knotted cord with a circular cross-section and a diameter of 3 mm. The cotton fabric, the hardness, the moderate flexibility and the strength make it extremely suitable for shaping the macrame knots, crocheting and various creative projects. It is suitable for making handbags, backpacks, decorative panels, jewelery, household accessories, packaging, toys, furniture, carpets and contributes to the natural finishing of the items. Ideally combines with natural materials – wood, shells, metal, stones, rough hemp, lyco. Can be used for decoration and knitting of knits and textiles. Natural product for creative people with ecological culture.

Content: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Packing: skein, 220m / 0,200kg; wholesale pack 5 pcs x  0,200kg
Recommended: knitting needles 3 – 4 mm; hook 4 mm

Color: Beige

The price is for 200 gr.

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