Embroidery stand

106.98лв.113.58лв. Incl VAT

  • This embroidery stand is made of natural hardwood – beech and they are partly hand made, finally polished, outside lacquered. The frame for embroidery and stitching is very hard and strong and it will support your beautifully creation for a long time. Klass Gessmann ‘s cross stitch frame is of the best quality on the market.
  • The diameters of the embroidery hoops are:
    7.3 inches (18.5 cm), 8.5 inches (21.5 cm), 9.8 inches (25.0 cm), 10.8 inches (27.5 cm), and 12 inches (30.5cm). The hoop’s height is 0.94-1.02 inches (24-26 mm) and the thickness is 0.39 inches (10 mm). The height of the needlework stand is adjustable 27.6 inches – 37.4 inches (70-95 cm), 360 degrees rotatable.
  • Easy operation during your lovely needlepoint: The embroidery stand’s hoop has a brass adjustment screw that you can tighten when necessary to keep the fabric as tight as a drum. The stand’s height and angle are adjustable, turnable, with an additional sloped hole for more convenience.