Double Pointed Ebony Knitting needles 5 pcs in set

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  • Excellent quality partly handmade knitting needles, double point made of rarely Ebony wood, Susanne’s German brand needles with over 140 years producing history.
  • Pack of 5 pieces from the EBONY knitting needles in one set is sold together.
  • Length is 7.87 inches (20 cm), diameters are US 2.5 and US 4 (3 and 3.5mm) wood luxury knitting needles in black Ebony colorway. The most wanted sizes  on the market, great for knitting items like socks, mittens, children’s clothing, or parts of a larger project, like sleeves on a sweater and any other projects.
  • The German brand Susanne’s is over 140 years’ experience in the knitting field. The line of fine knitting tools are known for their exceptionally smooth finish and excellent quality.
  • Made by natural hardwood – Ebony and they are partly hand made. Outside waxed and finally polished. These knitting needles are light, beautiful and harmless to your hands.
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