Bamboo Fixed Circular Knitting Needle 60 cm

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  • The  length of the knitting needle  is  23.62 inches (60 cm),  fixed circular wood BAMBOO knitting needles sizes US sizes 8 and 10.5 (5 mm and 7 mm) in natural Bamboo wood colorway.
  • Needle tips are long 5.5 inches (14 cm).
  • The German KLASS & GESSMANN’s brand Susanne’s is over 140 years’ experience in embroidery and knitting field.
  • Round wooden circular needles are handy for all fine gauge knitting, from socks to lace. The flexible and low memory the cables are long enough for the largest lace shawls and will allow for two-at-a-time magic loop socks.
  • These different sizes knitting needles with cable (wire) allow you to create all your dreamed ideas! These solid wooden needles are really a popular gift for the crafty person in the family or a beginner. It’s never to early or late to learn to knit.
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