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Yarn spool

102.85лв.134.73лв. Incl VAT
81.63лв. Incl VAT
194.47лв. Incl VAT

Weaving Looms and Frames

Round wooden weaving loom unpacked

10.15лв. Incl VAT

Weaving Looms and Frames

Carpet knotting frame

89.99лв. Incl VAT

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Baby DIY toys

Wooden rings

3.67лв.6.02лв. Incl VAT
2.03лв.2.54лв. Incl VAT

Weaving Looms and Frames

Children’s weaving frame 22 notches

19.09лв. 16.46лв. Incl VAT

Jewelry Design and Silk Painting

Colorfully painted knitting doll

4.88лв. Incl VAT
9.22лв. Incl VAT
Out of stock

Embroidery kits

Cross stitch kit

27.54лв. Incl VAT
12.49лв.15.23лв. Incl VAT
12.93лв. Incl VAT

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